Survey on working conditions for employees within the framework of the Agreement on the Recording of Working Time (ARWT)

A warm welcome! Thank you for your participation.

On the following pages we will ask you questions about your current work situation. The aim of the survey is to gain new insights into which working conditions are particularly relevant for well-being and health when employees are not recording their working time.

Immediately after completing the survey, we provide individual feedback that will only be accessible to you personally. It gives you helpful insights in positive or critical aspects of your current work situation.

The survey was developed by the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) on behalf of the social partners of the banking industry (Arbeitgeber Banken, the Swiss Bank Employees Association, the Association of Commercial Employees) and will be statistically evaluated for them.

Your employer can be given insight into a statistical evaluation of the survey results. Results at the level of organisations, regions and organisational units are displayed, provided that at least 20 employees of an organisation, a region or an organisational unit have participated. All data is completely anonymised to make conclusions about you as an individual participant impossible.

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